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Gents' gloves

Colombo Milano 1911 offers a selection of men's gloves, for men with a refined taste or urban style, but in each cases attentive to details.

Our men's gloves are suitable for any occasion, made with materials that isolate from the cold winter temperatures or in the classic eco-leather models, for a simple and elegant style.

We also have men's gloves in 100% pure cotton suitable for those suffering from particular allergies or for those with very dry and particularly sensitive hands.

Discover all the models and quality of Colombo Milano 1911.

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  • Price: €5.00 - €8.00
Price €7.90

Guanti “magici” (elasticizzati) touchscreen con righe in due diversi colori sul polso e confezionati in scatola regalo. Da indossare mentre si utilizza lo smartphone, il tablet o qualsiasi dispositivo elettronico touchscreen in modo da non avere più le mani gelate! Disponibile in 2 varianti diverse di colore.

Price €5.95

“Magic” gloves (elastic) solid color touchscreen. Unisex. Thanks to a particular fiber on the fingertips, they can be worn while using the smartphone, tablet or any electronic touchscreen device. Keep your hand warm and protected in any occasion!