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We offer you a selection of classic fashion accessories such as our men's handkerchiefs, 100% high quality cotton, for blowing your nose or drying your sweat but also so elegant that it would be a pity not to show from your pocket or from your briefcase. In addition, you can choose your favorite underwear from a selection of men's boxer shorts in top quality poplin fabric, even plus sizes.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a trendy accessory, you can choose between bandannas, caps, gloves, scarves and scarves with a unique style, comfortable, versatile and for all seasons. Warm and comfortable for autumn / winter or light and cotton for spring / summer.

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White background handkerchiefs printed with elegant cashmere motifs in three different colorways. 100% high quality cotton. Fine and soft texture. Cloth handkerchief for your nose or to wear as a pocket square ironed in an elegant box. For gentlemen only.