Discover our collection of men's fashion accessories.

We offer you a selection of classic fashion accessories such as our men's handkerchiefs, 100% high quality cotton, for blowing your nose or drying your sweat but also so elegant that it would be a pity not to show from your pocket or from your briefcase. In addition, you can choose your favorite underwear from a selection of men's boxer shorts in top quality poplin fabric, even plus sizes.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a trendy accessory, you can choose between bandannas, caps, gloves, scarves and scarves with a unique style, comfortable, versatile and for all seasons. Warm and comfortable for autumn / winter or light and cotton for spring / summer.

Browse the pages of the Colombo Milano 1911 online shop and choose the accessory that best suits you.

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Price €49.50

A dozen of big white handkerchiefs in very fine fabric with intertwining of very fine satin stripes and a thicker satin stripe, in very high quality cotton with machine Rolled hem*. The best quality of cotton of the entire Colombo Milano 1911 collection, ironed and packed in an elegant box. Only for real gentlemen.

Price €46.50

A Dozen of fine striped handkerchiefs on a white background with Hand Rolled Hem and intersections of very fine satin stripes and colored stripes in three different colors. Very high quality cotton yarn fabric. Nose or pocket handkerchiefs (men's pocket squares) ironed in an elegant box.

Price €24.50

Men's Winter set: hat and long scarf with honeycomb jacquard workmanship (gray and black) and plate with “Colombo Milano 1911” logo. Elegant and warm: perfect for the cold season.

Combination or product not available
Price €39.90

A dozen of large white handkerchiefs with jacquard background, satin stripes and abstract geometric patterns in three different colorways, Hand printed. High quality fabric. machine Rolled hem *. Pocket handkerchiefs (men's pocket-squares) ironed in an elegant box.

Combination or product not available
Price €23.50

Men's Winter set including herringbone hat and ring scarf and decorated with a plate with the “Colombo Milano 1911” logo. Available in three different color ways.