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Men's handkerchiefs

If you aren't just looking for a simple handkerchief to blow your nose, but a valuable accessory to keep in your trouser pocket or jacket pocket, that gives a touch of class and originality to your look and enhances your character and your personality:

Colombo Milano 1911 offers you a selection of men's handkerchiefs in 100% pure cotton, with a timeless style, available in different designs and colors for real gentlemen. 

All our men's handkerchiefs are made with the best cotton yarns, which go through various processes, including the bleaching phase, which improves and enhances the quality of the fibers, making the fabric softer and shinier.

We offer a wide range of handkerchief motives, they can be white, striped, yarn-dyed, piece-dyed, printed by hand or with high precision machines to create geometric and cashmere motifs and designs. They are ironed with precision and packaged in precious and design boxes with a crocodile print of various sizes.

Discover all the models and quality of Colombo Milano 1911.

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Price €49.50

A dozen of big white handkerchiefs in very fine fabric with intertwining of very fine satin stripes and a thicker satin stripe, in very high quality cotton with machine Rolled hem*. The best quality of cotton of the entire Colombo Milano 1911 collection, ironed and packed in an elegant box. Only for real gentlemen.

Price €46.50

Dozzina di pregiati fazzoletti rigati a fondo bianco con Orlo a Mano e incroci di finissime righe di raso e righe colorate in tre diverse varianti di colore. Tessuto in filati di cotone di altissima qualità.  Fazzoletti da taschino (pochette da uomo) o da naso in scatola di design.

Regular price €35.90 -20% Price €28.72

A dozen of checked patterned handkerchiefs in three colorways (red, blue and green) with satin stripes. Fine and soft fabric. Pure cotton. Nose or pocket handkerchiefs ironed in an elegant box. Choose the design you prefer!

Price €19.95

Fine white striped handkerchiefs with Hand rolled hem and crosses of thick satin and colored stripes in three different colorways. Very high quality cotton yarn fabric. Cloth handkerchiefs in order to blow your nose or dry your mouth or forehead. Only for real gentlemen.

Price €17.90

Extremely soft cloth handkerchiefs in five different pastel colors with silk finishing and satin stripes. Perfect also to be used as pocket squares for men especially on elegant occasions as weddings or events. Fabric with high quality cotton yarn. Five handkerchiefs in an elegant box.

Price €15.95

Large white handkerchiefs with jacquard ground, satin stripes and cashmere motifs in three different colorways. Hand-printed. High quality fabric. Machine Rolled Hem*. Nose or pocket handkerchiefs (pocket squares) ironed in an elegant box. Only for real gentlemen.