Boxer da uomo con iniziali ricamate

Do you want to add your signature on men's poplin boxer shorts so they are unique as well as stylish?

Or are you thinking of making an original and elegant gift for your man? 

Buy high quality, 100% cotton men's boxer shorts by Colombo Milano 1911 and personalize them by adding embroidered initials.

Our custom men's boxer shorts are distinguished by the fabric from which they are made, 100% "sanforized" and "mercerized" cotton, meaning more compact and shiny, they will look as good as new with every wash. Available in a variety of designs and all with shirting motifs, appreciated by all men who love quality details, but at the same time do not want to give up comfort and a feeling of greater freedom.


Choose which model of boxer shorts you want to customize from the proposed variations

Blue striped boxer shorts

Boxer da uomo a righe blu con iniziali ricamate

Blue checkered boxer shorts

Boxer da uomo a quadretti blu con iniziali ricamate

Light blue striped boxer shorts

Boxer da uomo a righe azzurre con iniziali ricamate

Blue boxer shorts with white checks

Boxer da uomo blu e quadretti bianchi con iniziali ricamate

White boxer shorts with satin stripes

Boxer da uomo bianchi con righe di raso e con iniziali ricamate

Available individually or in packs, in different sizes, including oversize. No minimum order!


Customize your embroidery

Define the characteristics of the embroidery by choosing between font, color and size from those proposed.

1 - Choose the font of the initials (max. 3 letters)


Block letters

Simple and clear

Carattere stampatello ricamato su calza da uomo


Elegant and Decorative

Carattere corsivo ricamato su calza da uomo

2 - Choose the color of the embroidery


Colore ricamo calza da uomo

■ AVIO ■

3 - Letters size

The font size is standard, approximately 1 cm, and cannot be changed.

What are you waiting for? Do not miss the opportunity to have a unique boxer shorts for quality, fit and style. Choose your personalized boxer shorts with embroidered letters by Colombo Milano 1911.




Attention: customized products cannot be returned and delivery times take 4-5 working days longer than expected. Contact us for larger quantities.



Customized boxer shorts for companies, special events, etc.

If you are looking for a distinctive, high-quality, fine, classy men's boxer shorts for a specific occasion, whether it is for a corporate event or a special occasion such as a wedding, choose a boxer shorts with embroidered initials.

We are at your complete disposal to devise together the most suitable solution for your occasion. Write to us without obligation.



Ricami personalizzati per occasioni speciali