Fazzoletti di stoffa con iniziali ricamate

Until now, following fashion meant continuing to change clothes, following the trends of the moment imposed by the fashion world itself. Now, however, the consumer is more and more at the center of this world, playing at being a designer in the frantic search for a unique garment that no one else has.

Fashion becomes personalized, it acquires uniqueness even at low prices

Today, having a personalized fashion accessory means wearing a detail that is not anonymous and that you don't get bored easily, but above all it means wearing something unique and personal!

The customization of fashion accessories is no longer a prerogative of luxury brands but a real mood accessible to anyone. Choosing how to personalize your fashion accessory with a letter, a phrase or an embroidered message allows you to become the creator of what you wear and makes this garment yours and yours alone.

Personalizza gli accessori moda Colombo Milano 1911

Thanks to our customization service, you can decide how to make your handkerchief, socks, or even the beach towel and much more unique, with a signature, a phrase or initials embroidered by the skilled hands of our craftsmen, for you or to give to a loved one.

Choose between…


Cloth handkerchiefs with embroidered initials

Men/Women's Socks

Men's socks with embroidered initials

Boxer shorts

Boxer shorts with embroidered initials

Beanies for kids

Beanies for kids with embroidered initials

Beach towels

Beach towels with embroidered initials


ATTENTION: for deliveries within Christmas, orders are accepted until midnight on 12th December and until midnight on 7th December for customized embroidered. Beyond these dates, delivery before Christmas is not guaranteed.



Customizations for every occasion

If you are looking for a particular, fine, classy gadget for a specific occasion, whether it is for a corporate event or for a special occasion such as a wedding or a baptism, choose an embroidered fashion accessory.

A particular creative "canvas" where to embroider, in addition to the initials, an announcement, a message, a logo ... so as to create a unique thought on a high quality product.

We are at your complete disposal to devise together the most suitable solution for your occasion. Write to us without obligation.



Personalizzazioni per ogni occasione