Fazzoletto della Sposa

Do you want to leave an indelible memory of the best day of your life?

Tradition has it that the bride jealously keeps a white handkerchief in her corset, indispensable for wiping away tears of joy, to then be given to those who wish.

Today it has become a real cult object to give to the parents of the spouses, but not only, with a particular dedication embroidered on it, to express to those who will receive it, their affection and appreciation to accompany them in life and on the most important day. 

Buy a quality 100% cotton handkerchief signed by Colombo Milano 1911 and personalize it by adding an embroidered dedication or with the names of the spouses and the wedding date, as if it were a wedding invitation.


Choose which handkerchief you want to customize among the proposed variants

3 options of the same quality: fine and soft cotton yarn.


Fazzoletto per la sposa

White with colored stripe
Fazzoletto per la sposa
Pastel ground
Fazzoletto per la sposa


Customize your embroidery

Define the characteristics of the embroidery by choosing between font, color and symbols from those proposed.

1 - Choose the font of the dedication

Lower case

Ideal for names and small short dedications

(max. 180 characters, including spaces)

Carattere stampatello ricamato su fazzoletto di stoffa


Ideal for dedications

(max. 350 characters, including spaces)

Carattere corsivo ricamato su fazzoletto di stoffa


2 - Choose the color of the embroidery


Colore ricamo fazzoletto di stoffa

■ AVIO ■
■ RED■


3 - Choose the font size

You can also choose the font size to give more emphasis to your dedication or wedding invitations.

  1. : 0,7 cm ideal for long dedications
  2. : 1.8 cm ideal for dates, names or very short phrases

4 - Add a symbol to the embroidery

Do you want to add a symbol at the end of the dedication or participation?

Choose from those available:

  1. Heart with infinity symbol
  2. Full heart
  3. Lovers
  4. Wreath of leaves with letters

Simboli per ricami fazzoletto della sposa


What are you waiting for? Don't miss the opportunity to remember the best day of your life in a completely original way. Invite your friends and family with unusual invitations.

Choose the embroidered cloth handkerchief immediately and dedicate it to whoever you want.



Attention: customized products cannot be returned and delivery times take 4-5 working days longer than other products. Contact us for larger quantities.Fazzoletto della sposa con dedica ricamata