Pocket squares

Discover the selection of pocket handkerchiefs designed by Colombo Milano 1911. Pocket squares for men expertly created in 100% cotton, with satin finishes and handmade hems.

Our pocket squares are easily worn on any occasion: in the office, at a party or at a ceremony. Don't miss the opportunity to wear the true gentleman's cult accessory.

Choose your men's pocket square from a wide range of prints and patterns.

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Price €12.95

Made in Italy handkerchiefs printed on muslin with strong colors and floral motif in three different colorways. Perfect as a pocket handkerchief, to give a touch of color to a dark or neutral tone jacket. Pocket handkerchiefs (men's pocket squares) ironed in an elegant box.

Price €14.95

Precious handkerchiefs with a white background with crosses of satin lines and colored lines in three different color variations. With machine Rolled Hem*. High quality cotton yarn fabric. Nose or pocket handkerchiefs (men's pocket squares) ironed in an elegant box. Only for real gentlemen.

Price €15.50

Ampi fazzoletti bianchi con fondo jacquard, righe di raso e motivi cravatteria in tre diverse varianti, stampati a mano. Tessuto di alta qualità. Orlo Roulè*. Fazzoletti da taschino (pochette da uomo) o da naso in scatola di design.