Summer sales

From 1 August to 29 September the 2020 Colombo Milano 1911 Summer SALES are waiting for you. What better time to pack the latest items for your holiday?

Two months where you can take advantage of incredible discounts and offers on MAN, WOMAN and KIDS fashion accessories from our spring summer collection, but not only.

The discounts concern all models of trendy spring summer fashion accessories: bandannas, scarves and hats for children up to 50% off.

But the promotions do not end here ... discounts of up to 30% on classic fashion accessories: handkerchiefs of pocket or nose cloth, in packs of 3, 6 or 12 pieces, and boxer shorts in poplin cotton fabric.

It is not too late to get the latest fashion accessories, from the bandanna, a cult accessory loved by all celebrities, to the scarf / sarong seen in the fashion shows, passing through the classic accessories always elegant and on trend.

Now your time has come, take advantage of the summer sales and give yourself that trendy accessory that you are still missing, take the whim of having a different variant or stock up on your favorite item. The important thing is to show them off during your holiday by the sea or in the mountains.

Online only you can buy comfortably sitting on your sofa at terrific prices.

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